Ernest Martinez is an entrepreneur, business owner, traveler, broker, investor, professional seminar attendee, and great friend.

His father passed away when he was only 12 years old. When that tragic event happened, he made a critical decision in his life. That decision was to make his father proud and be the very best he can be. Ernest lives by the golden rule: “treat people the way you would like to be treated”.

Years later, Ernest graduated from high school with highest honors. Received his Real Estate degree, obtained his Real Estate license, and obtained his notary public license before the age of 19. Ernest also learned and invested with his mother, and he became a home owner/investor before the age of 20.

During the years that the Real Estate market was down, Ernest went back to school and learned web design, graphic design and marketing at a local community college. He joined his local chamber of commerce as an ambassador, where he offered business owners classes and services to assist business owners on growing their business.

Ernest is now currently pursuing his passion working with entrepreneurs, business owners and investors. He helps individuals create a wealth building plan, and assists them in leveraging the power of real estate for it’s incredible benefits: appreciation, depreciation, residual income, tax write offs, and tax shelter.